Why do you serve?

Why do you serve?

I love my husband very much. Because I love him, I do little things for him such as washing his clothes.

If someone was to ask me if I loved my husband I would not answer “well I wash his clothes don’t I”. No I do not do those things out of a sense of duty, or because they are expected of me, or to prove my love. No I do it out of the joy in my heart.

It is the same in our relationship with God. Our works do not show we love Him. Instead, our love produces works. If someone were to ask do you love Jesus the answer should not be “well yes I don’t cheat, lie, or lust. I teach Sunday school and give to the poor”. Many people do those things but do not love Jesus. 

We are not God’s children because of what we do! It’s all about Him and what He does. He starts slowly changing our hearts to be more like His. He starts convicting us to love people like He loved people. And from that comes service.

Being born again is when person dies to his rights, to his pleasures, to his own virtues and merit, to his religion and receives the life that was not there before. 

I have struggled with thinking I should work out my salvation. That I should try to be found worthy of God’s love. When in truth I will never be worthy, my good deeds are as filthy rags. God takes us as we are and then changes our hearts. Then we can have fellowship with Him and love others as He would. He is constantly transforming us to be more like Him. 

He is the one we look to for an example. He is the one we should compare our lives to. Not other Christians or this world. We should constantly be seeking His direction not our own.

God may I allow you to lead my life and not other people or things. Help me not to compare my life to others but to your Holy son. Help me not to strive for others approval but to be transformed, more like Jesus everyday. Help me to love others like you do.


Agreeing to Disagree

Agreeing to Disagree

We all desire to be understood, but sometimes we fail to try to understand others.

At some point or another I know I will probably disagree with each person about one subject matter or another. We all have different views, different experiences, different lives. 

We must remember it is the Holy Spirit who convicts and changes hearts. It is not our job to point out every flaw and short coming. Consider Romans 2:1.

My goal is to love and care for the person even if I do not agree with their actions, thoughts, or beliefs. Everyone has their own unique character. Not one person is completely like another. We are all wonderfully made by a God who loves and cares for us, flaws and all. I hope that anyone I come into contact with will experience God’s love through me. Love shown regardless of the things the person may have done, where the person may live, or  their experiences in this life. 

Love like Jesus showed to the woman at the well. She was an outcast, unloved, looked down upon by women and deserted by men. Jews thought they were better than her. Most people wouldn’t even talk to her. She went out in the middle of the day so she could avoid the stares and looks of disgust. But Jesus talked with the woman and loved her. 

Jesus was a friend crooks and prostitutes. He saw their need for love and care. He loved the unloved. He embraced the outcast lepers and diseased. He saw a need and he met it without hesitation. His love is for all people.

“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you (unconditionally)*,  that you also love one another. By this all will know you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:34-35

God please take my love and care for others to that level. Help me extend love to all people, even people I do not know. All for your glory and honor.

* my word for Jesus’s love.